Winter Light in Too-nu-yah

For a few short weeks at the end of February and the beginning of March, a wondrous phenomenon occurs in Yosemite. Just as the sun starts to set, its fading light illuminates Horesetail Falls, which normally escapes notice amongst the more voluminous cataracts lining the valley walls. As its flow transforms into the color of molten gold set against the dark walls of El Capitan, it becomes a star attraction, drawing viewers from afar. This phenomenon is beautifully displayed on the cover of the book and in several of the full-color photos inside, but we have also produced a special 15 minute DVD, called Winter Light in Too-nu-yah, to capture this spectacle, along with other breathtaking scenes depicting the many spirits of this Enchanted Valley.

Above you will see a preview of just a few of the scenes available on the DVD. Give it some time to load (less than a minute, unless you're on dial-up), then just sit back and enjoy!

The soundtrack for the DVD was composed by the webmaster, Michael Medlin. You can download a free copy of the soundtrack by clicking here. (10:40, 7.4 MB AAC)